Saturday, February 21, 2009

make easy money !!!

when i virtual world blogwalking alias, accidentally I found a good program. This program is paying us to do a review of the product. Clear that the product offered, including rinagn deh after I browse. program name As I say, this program is paid to review. Then wajibkah to speak English? Wajibkah also has a blog for the pro-high PageRank for the program? The answer is NO. You can become a member so sign up and completed the first review. At least I believe this program is very promising. In fact, we can generate up to $ 150 per month.

Is this program real, not a SCAM? I also make sure that this program is not SCAM because even Microsoft to buy the company so that the credibility of this site does not doubt. As evidence, this is the proof of payment to one of the Ciao members "

Do not belong to me, hehehe. But at least can be used as evidence. Then how does it work? I will explain soalnya Ciao member in the area a bit confusing when I first signed up. How to get the dollar from Ciao is:

* You must create at least 1 review to become the active member.
* Read review other member (paid $ 0.01 - $ 0.03)
* Giving a review on the rating of others (paid $ 0,01-0,03)
* If we get a review rating of another member ($ 0.01 - $ 0.03)
* Invite friends to join in the ciao ($ 1)

Approximately such as calculations. Now we begin the process of registration.

1. Click the banner below to join

2. Enter the data required and then "START NOW"

3. Check your email inbox for the verification. Just click the link and there you will log in directly at Ciao.

4. Then you will go to the member area. press "MEMBER CENTER"

5. You can find products that will be in the review by entering keywords in the top of the tab. Suppose you enter the keyword "laptop"

6. Akan out the appropriate category. Select a product available by clicking the image products.

7. first with a good read, and write a review about the product. Click "WRITE REVIEW"

8. Write a review at least 120 words about the product line. Also complete this form:
Your Experience: Content Review
Your Overall Rating: Provide Ratings on these products (click bintangnya)
Title: Review Title
Advantages: Advantages Products
Disadvantages: Lack of Product

9. If you are finished, press "Publish"

Only the first such course, on the other tips will follow. What about payment? Minimum payout $ 5 via Paypal. Can request at any time. Okay, happy and try to create any posts you through. Good luck.

if u want to get the tutorial u can download from here


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