Friday, December 19, 2008

Paid to post


Paid to post site is generally similar to massage board or forum which people use to interact with many people. Interaction happened by posting a message, replying, or making a new thread to discuss something you’re interested with. What makes Paid to post forum differ from usual forum is every action you have made has its value and you’re being rewarded for being active. Paid to post wouldn’t make you rich quick but it offer the ability to make some extra cash for doing something easy and enjoyable.

Every paid to post have its own rules. So, do not join with intention of getting much money quick and go spamming. All post like “thank you”, “you’re welcome”, “it’s good”, etc wouldn’t got rewarded. Moreover, you might be suspected to spam. You don’t need to write a long story or a book. You just have to post something useful and relevant to the topic. Make sure you read the rules first so you would not do something wrong and get banned.

Paid to post is very suitable for someone who love forum and like to chat. If you feel that way, then you could join program below

BRL FORUMBRL Forum is one of the great paid to post with nice admin. This forum discuss anything about search engine, web design, web devolpment, link exchange, program language and much more. They use BRL$ currency system to reward our activity. BRL$ have real value and can be exchange to real money. 1 BRL $ = 0.011 USD approximately. (Please be update because the admin have the right to change the value.)BRL Forum have many good points which could attract many people. They allowed to post referral ID as long as your post is relevant to the topic. Furthermore, they are running many contest and promotion which could help us making more and more money everyday. There are also lots of earning option to make extra cash. Below you could see many things you could do to get money ;

1. Induction CreditCredit awarded when user first joins this usergroup such as by registration, subscription, manually, etc

2. Referral CreditRefer a member to BRL Forum and earn BRL $20. To receive referral bonus credit for any referred member, your referred member should post 2 threads or post replies and should be 48 hours old in this forum.

3. Activity Credit BRL $1Credits awarded once per day user has permormed the defined activity. Make one post a day and you will get the activity credit.

4. Birthday CreditCredit granted on users’ birthdays. BRL $25

5. Reputation Granting creditAwarded to you when you give others reputation. BRL -$1

6. Positive Reputation CreditAwarded when you receive postivie reputation BRL $3

7. Negative Reputation CreditAwarded to you when you receive negative reputation. BRL -$15

8. New Thread Credit BRL $3This is credit awarded when a new thread is created. This credit amount varies forum by forum. By default is BRL $3. Please read the sticky notes to find out exact reward for particular section.

9. Rate Thread Credit BRL $1Creadit awarded when your thread is rated positive

10. Posting Credit BRL $1Credit awarded for all posts, except upon creating a new thread. This is credit awarded when a new reply is posted. This credit amount varies forum by forum. By default is BRL $1. Please read the sticky notes to find out exact award for particular section.

11. Own Thread Posting CreditApplies when user posts in a thread which they originally created.

12. Post Size CreditCredit awarded per character or word in a post, in adition to the posting, credit max word limit awarded is 100 words. 100 words x BRL $0.001

13. Poll Create Credit BRl $1

14. Poll Vote Credit BRL $1

15. Deleted Thread Credit BRL -$20Credit applied when a user’s thread is deleted

16. Deleted Post Credit BRL -$5Credit applied when a user’s post is deleted.

17. Your thread Posting Credit (BRL $0.25 per post)Applied to thread owner. Applied for all valid posts made in a thread which they originally created. For every 10 replies made to your thread, you will earn BRL $2.5

18. Your Thread Viewed Credit (BRL $0.10 per view)Applied to the thread owner when their thread is viewed. Does not count on the owner and guest views. Every 10 views to your thread will earn BRL $1 for you

19. Your Profile Viewed Credit (BRL $0.25 per view)Applied to the profile owner when their profile is viewed. Does not count on the owner and guest views Every 10 views to your profile will earn BRL $2.5 for you

20. Profile Picture Credit (BRL $10)Applied when a profile picture is added

21. Calender Event Credit (BRL $1)Applied when an event is added.
The minimum payout is BRL $200, which worth $2.20. Once you have reach it, send PM (private message) for your payment and you would have your money sent to your paypal account.

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  1. i like ptp because i can get money only post a article